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I'm not a mathematician, I'm a (latin) lover of mathematics. I am not able to abstract any concept, but I like to bring examples by drawing mathematical objects.
The true story and the music of the legendary "Santa B. Boys" digital band. From to dawn to the downfall (and return). By ContepoRecords.
The scientific face of this site. This is not a joke; it's true! You need a random point in a tetrahedron? Or an homemade free 3D scanner?
My personal OCW (Open Couse Ware) from University of Pisa, Firenze e Siena. Only in italian language.
The beauty of the life: more than a hundred boardgames in my collection. Make a boardgame match, not war. Oh Yes! Even the digital games have a place. From Moria, through Mame and Zak, to Ultima.
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Icons: (from top-left to bottom-right) the stereoscopic projection of Runcitruncated Tessaract, "Eterodanze Polimediali" Logo, a 3D model under checca lights, an UML model, the Zigurat VIC20 Game, a snapshot of this page.

Hypersphere becomes real and lands in the third dimension!


Friends: Enzo R., Renzo, The Cugini's Band. Visual Computing Lab Pisa, GeoTecnologie Siena, LabGeo Firenze, Numerica Progetti Pisa, Istituto Geografico Militare, la Francesca! (recommended).

Acquaintances: Rudi Matematici, Math Puzzle, Boardgamegeek.

More faces: Wikipedia User, ACM Member, BGeek.

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