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The WarpSpawn Second Big Book O'Games

Author: Various and Sundry, mainly Lloyd Krassner.

This is a PDF Book conversion of the original Warp Spawn site.

The previous version of the book (Sep 2004, 602 games) is available on Curufea site.

Download entirely The WarpSpawn Second Big Book O'Games Full (1108 games, 4503 pages, 50 Mb)
or get a sub-part from below links:

The Dungeon of Moria

Documentation of the Game.

Download the PDF version (LateX generated) of original manual, (19 pages, 140KB).

Or the relative LateX Source.


If you are a pro gamer, download The Moria Spoiler by Mike Marcelais ( PDF, 57 pages, 660Kb). This is the Latex generated version of the original web site.

My WP (800 paged extract) hardcopy