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Welcome to the Official Santa B. Boys website.

A site dedicated to a band that's transformed the face of chiantishire's (and not so chiantishire) music unlike any others. Appealing to people from all facets of the music spectrum, they digitize the italian music scene with their very own twisted stupid style.

Refusing to be pigeon-holed or labeled, their music combines sweeping holistic highs with haunting, heart wrenching ugliness. A vapid mixture of conformity and guilt which makes up the one-eyed hydra that is Santa B. Boys.

"i Santa B. Boys (...) semplici da fare invidia, (...), l'etichetta BBAT sembra nata per scherzo." "Santa B. Boys (...) easy to envy, (...), the label BBAT seems to have come about as a joke."

Band Info

Santa B. Boys formed in Santa Brigida in 1988 due to the will of Simon Lombard (aka SL; author of the solo album "Cheap Heap"); ex-member of Ipallage together with Claude Rockini and Larry R. Pini. This band from Tuscany never quite made a big impact but their version of "Danubio Blu" has been heard in nightclubs and disco as svuota-pista. They have a unique sound and are definitely worth checking out.


The Santa B. Boys discography are not so big... Most of the SBB's songs are not published (and now very hard to find). The 45 mix exists only in Vinile Version.

Canaria Canaria

  • BBAT/Contempo Records, Florence, 1989
  • Vinile, 45 giri Mix, 30 cm (33 giri size)
  • Side A: Canaria Canaria
  • Side B: Canaria Canaria (easy iced version), Tank you Casadei

The Spanish Flea

  • BBAT/Contempo Records, Florence, 1990
  • Vinile, 45 giri Mix, 30 cm (33 giri size)
  • Side A: The Spanish Flea (Itchin in the House), The Phone Call (Extende Version)
  • Side B: The Phone Call ("Pronto Version"), The Spanish Flea (De-Erotized Version)

21ST Century Quakemackers

  • BBAT/Contempo Records Florence, 1989
  • Double Album - 2 Vinile 33 or CD)
  • In the collection: Canaria Canaria (Collection Version)

Some goodyes for you

SBB: Canaria Canaria

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