(de)Generative Art

I've tried it

Facade: modules are very loosely inspired by the facades of Florentine churches, like Santa Croce or Santa Maria Novella. Forest: the usual fractal canopy. Clelia: Yes! It is the Clélie (not Rhodonea) curve, I play with the spirograph as a child. Superformula: No comment. Isoline: 2DSlicing of some (famous) 3D/4D algebraic surface. Guess what! Spline: Simply, some random bicubic splines. Mudcrack: ... because the curves always intersect themselves perpendicularly (my original project was to create a mudcrack simulator but I failed). BakTang: digital sandpile simulator: 1Giga-grains dropped. Polychora: Rectified 120 and 600-cell 2D projected. Complex Plot: a plot of truly intricate history.