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Rocchini's Polychora

First images (in temporal order) contains segments and planar faces. In the following pictures the geometry is pumped to the surface of hypersphere; in this way stereoscopic projection becomes bijective and edges and faces becomes circular arcs and spherical domes.

Style is inspired by some oriental glass and brass lamps.

Demitesseractic Tetractic Honeycomb is really ugly. Tesseractic Tetracomb is a desperate attempt; the 3x3x3x3 4D chessboard can be used to play tic tac toe tuc game (I invented the game's name but game still no).

5D solids or higher dimensions are projected by applying iteratively the stereoscopic projection. The final projection is not conformal nor bijective.


Duopyramid - C++ Source Code - Projection of 6,4-duopyramid (blue) with its dual Duoprism (in transparent red). In the last row, the duopyramid is projected by a direction perpendicular to the first one; so the two parameters (6,4) seem to be reversed. Indeed, asymmetry is due to the projection: the two parameters are symmetric in 4D.
Birectified Hexateron
Bitruncated Tesseract Schlegel Projection
Cantellated 24cell
Cantellated 24cell
Cantellated 24cell
Cantellated 120cell (particular of center)
Cantellated 600cell (particular of center)
Cantellated Tesseract
Cantellated Tesseract
Cantellated Tesseract
Cantellated Pentachoron
Cantellated Pentachoron
Cantellated Pentachoron
Cantitruncated 24cell
Cantitruncated 5cell
Cantitruncated Tesseract
Demipenteract (wireframe)
Demitesseractic Tetractic Honeycomb
Icositetrachoronic Tetracomb
Omnitruncated Hexateron
Pentacross (wireframe)
Penteract Projected
Rectified 24cell
Rectified Hexateron
Rectified Tesseract 1
Rectified Tesseract 2
Runcinated 24cell
Runcinated Pentatope
Runcinated Tessaract
Runcinated Tessaract
Runcinated Tessaract
Runcitruncated 5cell (part)
Runcitruncated 5cell
Runcitruncated Tessaract
Snub 24cell
Snub 24cell
Tesseractic Tetracomb
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