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Rocchini's Triangle Geometry

Many thanks to CaRMetal for triangle geometry!

When I was a young boy, the major points of a triangle were only 3: incenter, centroid and circumcenter. Today these points are many and many! I do not like the picture of Parallelepiped Determinant: the human brain confuses skewness for isometric projection. I added the solid's shadow, but the result is not strongly improved. Isogonal counigate trasformation is bijective! Really nice property!

Six circles theorem: the construction of tangent circle is not easy! Try hit! I used a trick: an intersection with a locus...


Calabi Triangle - SVG File - CarMetal
Steiner Ellipse - SVG File - CarMetal
Tarry Point - SVG File - CarMetal
Braikenridge-Maclaurin Theorem SVG File CarMetal
Braikenridge-Maclaurin Theorem (v2) - SVG File - CarMetal
Brocard Triangle - SVG File - C++ Source Code
Fuhrmann Circle - SVG File - CarMetal - CarMetal2
Thomson Cubic - SVG File - CarMetal
Harcourt Theorem - SVG File - CarMetal
Pivot Theorem - SVG File
Pivot Theorem - 3d version - Vrml Source
Spieker Circle - SVG File CarMetal
Schiffler Theorem - SVG File - CarMetal
Six Circles Theorem - Six_circles_theorem.svg - circle6.zir for CarMetal
Lester Theorem - Lester_theorem.svg - lester.zir for CarMetal
Five Circles Theorem - Interactive Page!
Five_circles_theorem.svg - five_circle.zir for CarMetal
Clifford Circle Theorem - Clifford_circle_theorems.svg - clifford.zir for CarMetal
Brocard Circle - Brocard_Circle.svg
Determinant as Parallelepiped Volume - Determinant_parallelepiped.svg
Hyperbolic Coordinates - Hyperbolic_coordinates.svg
Isodynamic Point - Isodynamic_Point.svg
Isogonal Conjugate - Isogonal_Conjugate.svg
Isogonal Conjugate Transformation - Isogonal_Conjugate_transform.svg
Lemoine Hexagon (alternate mode) - Lemoine_Hexagon.svg - lemoine source code
Routh Theorem - Routh_theorem.svg
Schiffler Point
Steiner Inellipse - Steiner_Inellipse.svg

Final Note

Get the Pivot_theorem.svg file and pivot.zir for CarMetal! Get the fuhrmann.zir for CarMetal!

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